TAF Wellness

Hours : Mon - Sat : 8am - 7pm , Sun : 9am - 6pm
Tel: 9958977795
28 saidulajab market M.B Road New Delhi 110030
Contact person: Manisha Arora
Mail: manisha@tafwellness.com
Web Site: Web Site
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TAF Wellness Company Description

TAF is a holistic weight loss and wellness center.
As the name suggests TAF is reverse of FAT that’s what we do here we reverse your fat and make people achieve their best version which is glowing healthy and complete.
We are the specialists for targeted weight loss body shaping and contouring.

Business Specialities -
Holistic approach
Luxurious ambiance
Trained team of experts
Non invasive treatments
US FDA approved treatments
Assured results
Customized Complete solutions

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