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Tel: 8111912433
Opp. Azhakam Durga Devi Temple, Azhakam Rd, Kodakara, Thrissur, Kerala 680684
Contact person: Pranav Prabhakaran
Web Site: Web Site
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ALPHA 8 Dog Training & K9 services is the best and most successful India-based dog training and K9 services company. at ALPHA 8, we provide the very best and advanced training techniques for your dogs that will persist through the years.
We also offer boarding and training which allows your dog to stay at our facility and experience on-going behavior classes and doggy boot camp.
Alpha 8 K9 security, services their clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week India wide. with the help of it’s professional, well equipped, highly trained, reliable, honest and hard working Management Team.
Alpha8 K9 security Management team and Partners have over 4 years of collective experience in the provision of Security and CANINE services, having pioneered working dogs in India.

Our trainers are committed to training your dogs and providing you with the tips and tools to maintain their positive behavior for a lifetime. Whether your dog has a history of aggression or you’re just looking for a place to socialize your dogs, Alpha8 is the perfect place for you.
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