BK Flute Industry

Hours : 06.00 am to 09.00 pm
Tel: 09856148865
Brahmapur Nahabam, Puritmayum Leirak, Imphal East, Manipur (India)
Contact person: Kiranjit Sharma
Mail: bkflutein@rediffmail.com
Category:  Bamboo Flutes  

BK Flute Industry Company Description

BK Flute Industry is the manufacturer of world class professional bamboo flutes in India.It was established in the year 1990 and have been serving all over India and abroad. It produces different kinds of bamboo flutes like Indian flute (Bansuri), Carnatic flute, Reed flute, chinese flute (Dizi), South American Quena, pan flute etc. in several designs & models. This manufacturing unit is located in Brahmapur Nahabam, Puritmayum Leirak, Imphal East, Manipur, (North East India). The products of BK Flute Industry are very unique because of the high quality bamboos, designs in different techniques, sound & tuning quality etc.This unit avails its products to the flutists at comparatively low prices since the raw materials are found abundantly in this region. Manipur state in North-East India is the only place that found various types of bamboo species that suitable for making flutes.

Kiranjit Sharma (proprietor cum chief flute designer) was honored as State Award in 2011 by Commerce & Industries, Govt. of Manipur in making of unique flutes and also recognized by DC Handicraft, Govt.of India.

https://www.facebook.com/kiranjit.sharma https://twitter.com/KiranjitSharma

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