Dolphin Jingwei Machines

D/ 1436- 37, New Bombay Market, Umarwada, 395010 Surat , Gujarat, India, India

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Manufacturing, supplying, exporting and trading a gamut of Textile Machines. The range offered by us comprises Embroidery Machine: Schiffli Machine, Sequin Computerized Embroidery Machines, Flat (Multi) Computerized Embroidery Machine, Mix Head Computerized Embroidery Machine, Coiling Embroidery Machine, Sequins Embroidery Machine, High Speed Flat Embroidery Machine and Normal Speed Flat Embroidery Machine; Embroidery Machine Spares: Precision Machined Components; Weaving Machine: Air Jet Weaving Machine and Rapier Weaving Machine; Jet Loom Products: UHL-868 Water Jet Loom-Double Nozzle Double Pump, UHL-848 Single Nozzle Plain Shedding with Dobby Water-Jet Loom and UHL-828 Single Pump Two Nozzle Plain Shedding Water Jet Loom; Rapier Loom Products: UHL-797 Economical Rapier Loom, UHL-757 Rapier Loom with Electronic Dobby, UHL-747 Rapier Loom With Mechanic Dobby, UHL-738 Electronical Jacquard Rapier Loom, UHL-717 Mechanic Jacquard Rapier Loom and 727 with Electronic Jacquard.

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