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No. 86 - E/2, South Phase Developed Plot, Ambattur,, 600058 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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We are offering qualitative white plastisol inks, colored plastisol inks, plastisol textile inks, printing plastisol inks, clear plastisol inks, epoxy type powder coatings and polyester type powder coatings. We have acquired expertise in customizing these colored plastisol inks, plastisol textile inks and printing plastisol inks as per the specifications provide by our customers. The customization can be done on the parameters of viscosity and fineness on powder coatings. We are also engaged in manufacturing qualitative range of paint brushes.

To ensure the quality standards of our normal and customized specialty plastisol inks and hybrid type powder coatings, we conduct various tests on these inks and coating. The tests are conducted on the parameters of heat resistance, moisture content and ease on mixing with paint.

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