INDUS Consultancy (Arunachal)

Tel: 8232975912
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Contact person: D K Basu
Web Site: Web Site
Category:  Detective Agency  

INDUS Consultancy (Arunachal) Company Description

Welcome to INDUS Consultancy Kolkata.
Ic Kolkata, introducing our self as an upcoming Kolkata based Service Providing House run by professionals is conducting confidential private investigations for both Personal and Corporate across the country. We handled all types of investigations of Corporate and Private Sectors.
It’s a matter of pride that the service of this company has been appreciated by dignified clients and it resulted in its steep growth every year since its establishment.
We have experienced Ex Senior officers of elite investigation agencies, Who are professionally competent and equipped to take up various cases. In other words we have a trusted, expert and serious team member, who are more conscious about their job responsibility, activity, strategy & plan and capable to fulfill the given work in timely & effectively.

Ic Kolkata is an investigative agency that provides professional, Satisfactory, and an honest investigation.
The house is committed to provide the quality work to its clients and care about getting results and most important that, we care about our Clients and are sensitive to solve their difficult problems. We provide our clients with superior, efficient, and timely investigative services.

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