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A-Srinivaan Street, Krishnapuram Colony, 625014 Madurai,Tamil Nadu, India

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As merchant exporters, we have gained repute as an enterprise that offers clients a range of consumer goods that are used in everyday life to add comfort and meaning to living. Some of the products offered by us are Coconut Product, Coir Fibre, Cocopeat, Coir Geotextile, Appalam and Instant Snacks.


Semi Husked Coconut

Traditionally Coconut has been regarded as a gift from nature. It is a complete fruit that quenches thirst with its cool sweet water, nourishes the body with the sweet succulent milky pulp that offers protection against fatigue. Coconut clears blood and stimulates nerves. Most importantly coconut is good for the heart with the following nutritional and medicinal features.
Cur Coir Fibre

We offer our overseas clients an excellent range of Curled Coir Fibers. The curled coir fibre is offered in natural brown color with impurities below five percent and moisture content below fifteen percent. The minimum length is five cm. Coir Fiber is used offers critical solutions to manufacture rope, upholstery padding, sacking and mat after thrashing the husk. Our Coir Fiber is eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Our Website is : http://www.terlsenterprises.net/products.php

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