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We are primarily trademark,patent,copyright,industrial designs,designs and patterns,geographical indications(intellectual property rights) registration/law consultants.we also extend legal advice and consultancy in various other spheres;these includes business laws,economic laws,industrial laws,accounting and taxation,intellectual property laws,corporate laws,import export laws,IE code,company law,tax laws,laws relating to foreign trade,legal drafting and conveyancing,deeds and agreements,specific laws relating to the registration,maintenance and functioning of various entities(business and others),laws relating to charitable institutions(public charitable trusts,societies,section 25 companies),private trusts,NGO registration,Trust Registration, Charitable Trust Registration, Religious Trust Registration, Educational Trust Registration, Orphan Age Trust Registration, Human Rights Trust Registration,FCRA registration,income tax registration,co-operative societies,MNC's,various laws and statutes of differenr countries,laws relating to NRI's,labour laws,accounting and audit service,implementation of quality standards ,such as,ISO,ISI,CE,hallmarking,FPO,HACCP etc,cyber laws,SEBI rules and regulations,foreign exchange and foreign trade laws,registration of documents and organisations.

ISO Consultant, Project Consultantcy, CE Mark Certification, ISO Certification Services in India. We also Provide Services of ISO 9001 Consultancy, ISO 14001 Consultancy, ISO 22000 Consultant, TQM TPM in India. We have prepared many detailed project reports and possess ample expertise in the field.

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