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B- 29- 17, Sarawati Tower, Lanka Sankat Mochan Road, 221005 Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Our laundry & dry cleaning services are perfectly fitted for the busy student, traveling tourist, working singles, working mothers, large families and newlyweds. In every situation, The Turning Point can provide professional laundry services that will save you time, save your clothes, and save you money.

The Turning Point is Varanasi's first family-owned, personal laundry care facility that is open to the public. Visit us on the second floor of the Saraswati Tower and enjoy a clean air conditioned store with free wifi, TV, and music. While there, we can offer a full range of laundry services that include: Wash, Dry, and Fold Service Drop-off / Pick-up laundry service Ironing Service Garment repair / Alterations Our state of the art washers and dryers will extend the life of your clothes while saving you time. The average time to wash and dry a load at The Turning Point is 60 minutes while the average time on other machines is over 3 hours. We also use filtered water that is enhanced with softeners and bio-degradable detergents that clean and preserve your garments.

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